Birding for Beginners

Making birding a fun experience and learning the basics

Have you ever been curious about birding as a hobby but have been a bit intimidated? Do you know a few obvious species but want to learn more? Our birding courses will inspire you to take a step forward and teach you some of the skills, and learn to identify the most common birding types and species. You’ll gain the confidence to get out in the field and inspiration to explore our treasured parks and wildlife refuges.

Course Instructor

Celebrated author, birder, storyteller

Peter Alden is a world renowned naturalist, lecturer, ecotourism guide and author of 15 books on North American and African wildlife, including the National Audubon Society’s Regional Field Guide Series. He is considered to be an authority on birds and larger mammals of the world and is often consulted by the media and the ecotourism industry for his expertise.